Meet Chandler

Written by: C. Cook Spark Specialist UNT MS in Biomedical Engineering and MS in Business Administration

Hello, my name is Chandler Cook and I have attended UNT for 4 years. I got my undergrad degree in Biomedical Engineering and minored in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. I’m currently a graduate student, getting a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration.

I am a new employee at The Spark and love working with 3D printers and the Cricut machines. I am most passionate about working with 3D printers because I want to open my own Biomedical Engineering company that would utilize 3D printers for developing prosthetics, medical devices, and implants. Currently, I am acquiring experience with various Biomedical Engineering aspects that will benefit my company.

Furthermore, I have multiple creations utilizing the Cricut machine and 3D printers.

The cricut images show a T-shirt and a birthday card I created for my boyfriend. I also created the lithophane for my boyfriend. Lastly, the 3D printed active prosthetic was developed for my senior design project.

In my free time, I like hanging out with friends, watching movies and TV, sleeping, and video games. Also, I like online shopping and creating colorful detailed notes. In conclusion, I enjoy creating, making, and innovating different things.

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