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Meet Smridhi

Written By: S. Singh UNT Graduate Business Analytics

Hello! My name is Smridhi Singh. I am an MBA student and majoring in business analytics. I have started working at SPARK as a ‘Technology Engagement Specialist’ from the Fall 2021 semester and enjoying my work every day. The things which interest me most at SPARK are sewing, embroidery, and 3D printing.

I enjoy designing and I got this from my mom as she used to run a boutique during my childhood, and I enjoyed seeing her design clothes. I have designed many dresses for myself and wearing my design gives me immense happiness. The first training I took at SPARK was 3D printing followed by sewing.

I love to play with colors whether it’s for designing my clothes, my room décor, or creating a dashboard using visualization tools for my work.

I am looking forward to learning Cricut and embroidery in the coming months. I encourage everybody to come and explore SPARK. There is something for everybody.

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