Meet Teja

Written By: T. Vanukuru UNT Graduate Data Science

Hello Mates! My name is Sai Teja, and I am a graduate student from the Data Science department. I have been at UNT for 7 months and the total university experience is one which I liked very much, and the campus has a very good Willis Library and POHL recreational center where I like to spend most of my time. My hobbies and interests are playing badminton, table tennis and I also like to play video games.

It’s been a month since I started working in the Spark as a technology engagement specialist and I am extremely honored to get hired for this position, right from the first day of my work each and everything present in the Spark has fascinated me and created a zeal in me to learn mainly about 3D printing and laser printing. I enjoyed the mandatory boot camp where we all had some useful sessions that are necessary for this job and apart from these sessions, we all had a great interaction with all the coworkers, leads, and managers. On the last day of our training, we all had a pizza party which was so much fun and ended our training camp by playing many technical games. The most interesting thing about this job is that we can gain skills technically and professionally by the way we interact with the patrons. I used to always try my best to give the best solutions to the patrons for their doubts and queries for which I have been awarded the best employee of the month.

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