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Meet Laura

Written By: L. Lujan UNT Senior Electrical Engineering

Hi, I am Laura Itzel Lujan. I work at The Spark Makerspace at UNT. I’m also a Senior in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. I’m a front desk associate at both locations Discovery Park and Willis Library. I help patrons with the use of the makerspace and inform them what The Spark is about.

I am a very artistic person. I have been drawing and painting since high school, but my artistic passions are always like the seasons. Currently, I am really into textiles, hand embroidery, and sewing. I have picked up hand embroidery the last few years. I have done a few projects on my own that take hours on end. (It’s awesome!) I have created designs on clothing, jackets, jeans, and totes. Now at The Spark, I have the opportunity to expand on embroidery. I don’t have to do it by hand anymore!

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