Meet Manoj

Written By: M. Pakanati UNT Graduate Data Science

Hello all, my name is Manoj. I am a graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Data Science here at UNT. It’s been just one month since I started working at The Spark Makerspace and I am having a wonderful experience. I get to access a handful of technologies and tools. The best part of working at The Spark is that it allows you to expose yourself to diversified people. They also allow you to utilize first-class resources that no other place at the university can provide like 3D printing, DSLRs or video cameras, sewing, printing and scanning, laser cutting, etc. One of the types of equipment I am more interested in and love to use is a DSLR camera.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I had been working for 2 years and had no free time for my hobbies. Again, being at school in UNT gave me time to explore my hobbies and with the help of The Spark, I have access to the best performing cameras, so I started to explore my photography skills once again. These are a few photos that I have photographed after being at UNT.

Outside of school, I love traveling and photography. I also like long rides and places in higher altitudes, hiking, sports cars & bikes.

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