Using Gephi for Data Visualization

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Author: Maristella Feustle Many of us have been doing basic visualizations of quantitative data since elementary school, turning numerical information into charts and graphs. Somewhere along the line, most of us have also encountered Venn diagrams for visualizing conceptual relationships and attributes held in common between entities. But when we think of visualization, quantitative visualizations… Read more »

RAW Data Visualization: Hexagonal Binning

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RAWGraphs offers hexagonal binning as an option for representing dispersions in datasets with an exceptionally large number of data points. This visualization visually clusters the most populated areas on a gridded surface and assigns a color based on the number of points in the region. This example uses a public data set from Kaggle of data… Read more »

RAW Data Visualization: Dendrograms

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A dendrogram is a tree diagram that is usually used for showing taxonomic relationships, but any data that lends itself to hierarchical data clustering can be displayed using a dendrogram. RAWGraphs offers two variations on dendrograms: the circular dendrogram and the cluster dendrogram. I had some fun playing around with different data sets to provide examples… Read more »

RAW Data Visualization: Alluvial Diagram

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Alluvial Diagrams represent flows and show correlations between categorical dimensions over time. This option visually links the number of elements sharing the same categories and is useful to see the evolution of clusters (such as the number of people belonging to a specific group). The user is provided quite a bit of freedom when using the… Read more »

Circle-Packing: Creating an Overview of Participation in UNT Scholarly Works

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The UNT Scholarly Works collection is home to materials from the University of North Texas community’s research, creative, and scholarly activities.  To encourage further participation by UNT community members, it’s helpful to know the degree to which different departments currently participate by depositing items in the collection.  You can view who is contributing to the… Read more »

RAW Data Visualization: Treemap

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A treemap is a space-filling visualization for displaying weighted hierarchical data using nested rectangles. The rectangles can be coded by color and size to show patterns that may be difficult to visualize in other ways. RAWGraphs give the user the option of incorporating as many colors into the visualization as they like, making it easy… Read more »

RAW Data Visualization: Delaunay Triangulation

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The Delaunay Triangulation is another visualization available through RAWGraphs that can be used to represent dispersions. The visualization creates a planar, triangular mesh for a given set of points. For the following example, I downloaded a public data set from Kaggle of data from 5000+ movies on IMDB. I refined the data set and decided… Read more »

RAW Data Visualization: Convex Hull

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RAWGraphs is an open source data visualization framework that strives to make the visual representation of complex data easy for everyone. The source provides step by step instructions for uploading data and creating unique, aesthetically pleasing visualizations that tell stories and make arguments using data in new ways. There are several options available, depending on… Read more »