The start of the Fall semester is just around the corner and while some of you are scrambling to prepare for classes, others are using the remaining days of summer as a time to complete a few TV series in one sitting. What better way to kill two birds with one stone than preparing for the upcoming school year by spending a few days with several of your favorite academia set TV shows. Get your Trapper Keepers and Beats by Dre ready; it’s time to go back to school!   Saved by the Bell (DVD 12147 V.1-5)   The golden age of Tiger Beat helped this show gain its foothold on pop culture from 1989 to 1993. Although this show may predate some of you, the trials and tribulations of Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, and the rest of the gang never stray far from the familiar clichés that exist today as they navigate homework, homecoming, and hormones.The Media Library has the first two seasons HERE.   Community (Season 1 DVD 12032 V.1 – V.4, Season 3 DVD 15377 V.1 – V.3) Dan Harmon’s show about one study group’s adventures through Greendale Community College. This show is filled with pop culture references and is known for its refusal to color within the lines as it constantly bends genres with its biting wit and richly developed universe. The Media Library has seasons one and three which you can find HERE and HERE respectively.   Undeclared (DVD 5199 V.1- V.4) The shortest series in the bunch, this show can be consumed in one sitting. It stars a pre- How to Train Your Dragon Jay Baruchel, a pre- Sons of Anarchy Charlie Hunam and was created by a pre- The 40 Year Old Virgin Judd Apatow. Incoming freshman Steven Karp, played by the aforementioned Baruchel, moves to a new University where he hopes to start anew after high school. The transition is hard, awkward, but most importantly funny. The Media Library has the complete series HERE. Of course, we have many other shows that we could suggest but it would be irresponsible for us to delay preparation for this new semester (HERE is a link to all of our TV shows for you to browse in case you don’t mind procrastinating). Don’t forget to follow us on our twitter page @UNTMediaLibrary and our Facebook page for any updates with events, materials and other important matters of Media.

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