Contribution Corner: Secret Hitler

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The year is 1919, and post Great War Germany has established a new republic with the Weimar Constitution. The problem? The country is split between two political factions, each attempting to shape this new government in its own image. There are the Liberals, limiting the government’s control over the people. There are the Fascists, seeking… Read more »

Spring Break Movies

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The break is finally here! So… now what?   Some people go home, some go on adventures, some just lay in bed and watch movies all day (I mean, that sounds like a great option personally). Whatever your plans are, we’ve got a few spring break related movies at the media library that might help your week be… Read more »

Now on 3 big screens: the lost premiere of “Unusual Occupations”

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    The morning edition of the Denton Record Chronicle reported on Thursday March 5th that due to high local demand the world premiere of “Unusual Occupations” would be held at all 3 downtown Denton theaters. It was announced that at 7:30 p.m. that evening, “searchlights will blaze into the skies and local and visiting personalities… Read more »

Contribution Corner: Cinque Terre

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  Cinque Terre is a land of lush vegetation, vibrant seaside villages, and panoramic landscapes. Or so any travel guide for the Italian Riviera would tell you. This region, named for the five towns that line the seaside, is also home to a thriving local produce market. The game Cinque Terre by Rio Grande Games… Read more »

The (Shetland) Pony Express Rides Again!

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In yesterday’s blog post, we learned about the origins of the “Unusual Occupations” film and how its premiere slowly grew to become a county-wide event. In today’s post, we’ll learn about how a group of children made the 37.8 minute ride from Dallas to Denton on a team of Shetland ponies. “Denton resembled Hollywood and New York … Read more »

37.8 Minutes by Pony: The Elaborate Premiere of “Unusual Occupations”

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Seventy-four years ago in March 1942 a local theater magnate, a Shetland pony farmer, and Hollywood studio executives turned a 1-minute short film into a county-wide contest built on patriotism, nostalgia, and a love for little ponies. In a series of 3 blog posts, we will learn about this bizarre and amazing event. Today we discuss the origins of the… Read more »