Circe Terre   Cinque Terre is a land of lush vegetation, vibrant seaside villages, and panoramic landscapes. Or so any travel guide for the Italian Riviera would tell you. This region, named for the five towns that line the seaside, is also home to a thriving local produce market. The game Cinque Terre by Rio Grande Games focuses on this aspect of the region’s culture. Each player takes the roll of a farmer operating a fruit cart, traveling along the farming roads collecting produce, then back to the villages to sell. Each game involving a varied market and production to drive competition over supply and demand. Our game ran quickly, with very little room for competing for public orders. Our prices were high for most forms of produce, making quick runs for valuable produce more efficient. No clear victor showed until the end when secret produce order cards were flipped. Cinque Terre is a wonderful game for all ages with great replay value for its simplicity. The varying market really drives strategy variation between games, the secret order cards create player variance, while the public order cards press the players into competition. We would like to thank Rio Grande for this great donation, as well as their donation of Spin Monkeys, Renaissance Man, Arctic Scavengers, Cavemen, and Piñata. If you would like to give Cinque Terre a try, or another of Rio Grande’s games, they are available for check out here, at the UNT Media Library.

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