Game Based Learning and Forming Communities with Minecraft: Education Edition

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  Minecraft: Education Edition is an approachable, free resource for UNT staff and students that utilizes game-based learning to connect students in and out of the classroom. Adapting the iconic, open-world sandbox game Minecraft, Minecraft: Education Edition is a lesson-focused version that utilizes the core functions of Minecraft to teach and connect students of all… Read more »

The Outer Worlds: A Roleplay Paradise

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  Pros– Meaningful character customization systems that don’t pigeon-hole your playstyle– Abundance of comedic and thematically pleasing dialogue with a vast assortment of interesting characters– Primary, secondary and companion questlines offer a full range of satisfying roleplay options that build to meaningful resolutions for every narrative decision– Thematic consistency across all core narratives and worlds,… Read more »

Mental Health & Gaming

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  May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we at the UNT Media Library would like to take a moment to highlight the benefits that games, gaming, and play can have on mental health and general well-being. Whether it be relaxing by playing your favorite adventure game, staying active and challenging your brain by solving a difficult puzzle, enjoying a… Read more »