Barking up the Dialogue Tree: An Interview with Dr. Lin Joyce

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  I sat down virtually with Dr. Lin Joyce to chat about her creative journey, discuss her narrative insights, and gather advice for writers looking to get into the games industry.   Hello! First things first, please introduce yourself! Please let me know if you have any name or pronoun preferences. Hello, there! I’m Dr…. Read more »

The Outer Worlds: A Roleplay Paradise

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  Brief Breakdown:   Pros Unique, multifaceted skill trees alleviate traditionally restrictive RPG character systems An abundance of comedic and witty dialogue with a vast assortment of interesting characters Primary, secondary and companion questlines offer a full range of satisfying roleplay options that build to meaningful resolutions for each narrative decision Idiosyncratic environmental, art, and… Read more »

2020’s Summer of Gaming

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  The Gaming Industry During COVID-19   With the unexpected rise of COVID-19 and lack of time to prepare for it, many events around the world have either been postponed or canceled, including a majority gaming events. These gaming events usually consist of new game announcements, tournaments, LAN parties, and a place where people from around the world can gather to show their love for gaming.  While the timetable for the… Read more »

New at the Media Library: The Barbara Hammer Collection

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  The UNT Media Library recently purchased the full collection of films by filmmaker Barbara Hammer. She was a pioneer of her time, documenting LGBT+ history often with an autobiographical viewpoint and creating over 80 feature length and short films over the span of her lifelong career. Experimental in nature, her films often tested the limits… Read more »

May Staff Recommendations — Mental Health Awareness Month

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May is Mental Health Awareness month. Movies, TV shows and games can be great escapes in trying times. Many are even structured to help facilitate greater mental health practices, from documentaries that foster discussions, to video games designed for therapeutic purposes. We invite everyone to check out the UNT Media Library’s resources to help improve… Read more »