A spring of social distancing has made life complicated, especially when it comes to last minute changes to plans for large events. From sports games, to concerts, to simply going to the movies, everyone has been forced to make sacrifices and postpone things they were looking forward to. We all know it’s not just about seeing a show live in person. It’s about sharing the experience with other people. These are things that are hard to replicate.
However, as being in a thunderous, excited crowd isn’t an option at the moment, the UNT Media Library wants to help. Below, patrons can browse several services and collections of streaming theatrical performances from world renowned productions. It may not be the same as sitting side by side a fellow theater goer. Nonetheless, feel free to giving a standing ovation in your living room when the curtain falls and the credits roll. 

The National Theatre Collection:

Want modern visions of classics with star studded casts? NT Live’s is your best bet. “NT Live brings the stage to life through access to high definition streaming video of world-class productions and unique archival material offering significant insight into theatre and performance studies. Through a collaboration with the U.K.’s National Theatre, this collection offers a range of digital performance resources never previously seen outside of the National Theatre’s archive.”

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National Theatre Collection | Alexander Street

Alexander Street’s Ballet Collection: 

Being cooped up for weeks is hard. It’s normal to feel a little stir crazy. Get out that energy by dancing out that feeling while you watch these beautiful ballet performances. Or, just sit back and enjoy the show. We don’t need any sprained ankles, folks. 

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