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by Rene Gomez You know, there aren’t that many Halloween movies out there. There’s thousands of horror films, but most of them have nothing to do with the actual Halloween holiday. With Halloween approaching us, what better way to celebrate than to give you 6 Halloween movies you should watch this year! All of these… Read more »

Report from the Oak Cliff Film Festival

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Texas Theater marquee announces 2018 Oak Cliff Film Festival   The Media Library is always looking to provide you with the latest and best in documentary and narrative film as well as new restorations and repertory screenings. Last weekend, we were excited to serve as your representative at the 7th annual Oak Cliff Film Festival .  Bigger and better than ever, this film fest has been… Read more »

Now on 3 big screens: the lost premiere of “Unusual Occupations”

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    The morning edition of the Denton Record Chronicle reported on Thursday March 5th that due to high local demand the world premiere of “Unusual Occupations” would be held at all 3 downtown Denton theaters. It was announced that at 7:30 p.m. that evening, “searchlights will blaze into the skies and local and visiting personalities… Read more »

The (Shetland) Pony Express Rides Again!

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In yesterday’s blog post, we learned about the origins of the “Unusual Occupations” film and how its premiere slowly grew to become a county-wide event. In today’s post, we’ll learn about how a group of children made the 37.8 minute ride from Dallas to Denton on a team of Shetland ponies. “Denton resembled Hollywood and New York … Read more »

37.8 Minutes by Pony: The Elaborate Premiere of “Unusual Occupations”

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Seventy-four years ago in March 1942 a local theater magnate, a Shetland pony farmer, and Hollywood studio executives turned a 1-minute short film into a county-wide contest built on patriotism, nostalgia, and a love for little ponies. In a series of 3 blog posts, we will learn about this bizarre and amazing event. Today we discuss the origins of the… Read more »

Home Movie Day, October 17th 2015

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On November 22, 1963 Dallas clothing manufacturer Abraham Zapruder used his 8mm Bell & Howell film camera to document President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade as it passed through Dealey Plaza. This home movie, now referred to as “The Zapruder Film,” unexpectedly captured the assassination of President Kennedy and subsequently became one of the most analyzed films in history…. Read more »

Hollywood Invades North Texas: The Making of Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

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This clip from the KXAS-NBC 5 News Collection shows Warren Beatty, Estelle Parsons, and Michael J. Pollard participating in the North Texas State Fair parade in downtown Denton prior to the Southwest Premiere of Bonnie and Clyde on Sept. 13, 1967.   Much has already been written about the 1967 biographical crime film, Bonnie and… Read more »

Labor Day Part II: “Have you tried turning it on and off again?”

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In yesterday’s post, we explored some films  that pay tribute to the worker and the working class experience. Today we lighten the mood with a selection of films and television programs available for checkout at the Media Library that celebrate the fun, the heartbreak, and the boredom of working.    Office Space (1999) (DVD 1267) This… Read more »