We’re past midterms (Yay!) and Spring Break is over (Boo!), but spring is here (Yay again!). To celebrate the beginning of spring and the second half of the semester, the Media Library has some game and movie recommendations so you can enjoy being done with midterms as well as enjoy the beginning of spring. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain- Game 664 PS4 The Metal Gear Solid series looks better than it ever has in The Phantom Pain. Dynamic gameplay, memorable characters, and missions that don’t bore. The ability to change your weapons and gadgets allow you more freedom to choose your play style and your approach to every mission. Street Fighter V- Game 690 PS4 One of the world’s most famous fighting games has returned. The graphics are amazing and the characters are very balanced. The fighting does not disappoint and although there are only 16 fighters and the actual story mode doesn’t come out until June, the gameplay doesn’t get dull and online battles are what you play Street Fighter for anyway. The Roosevelts: An Intimate History- DVD 15719 v.1-7 This Ken Burns documentary tells the story of the Roosevelt Family and chronicles the rise of Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who are fifth cousins. The 7 disc series starts with the birth of Theodore and ends with the death of Eleanor, Franklin’s wife. In between, you see how Theodore and Franklin became the presidents we know them as well and also how important family was to both men. You also see just how formidable Eleanor Roosevelt was as First Lady and how she helped Franklin through the Great Depression and World War 2. Post By Student Assistant Supervisor Joshua Chaney

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