What’s scarier than the amount of Buffy the Vampire Slayer we have in our collection is the titular vampire slayer herself. Buffy saying "I'm the thing that monsters have nightmares about."

“I’m the thing that monsters have nightmares about.”

Who is this Buffy anyway? And why is she so scary? Buffy saying "I'm like a superhero or something."

“I’m like a superhero or something.”

Buffy is like a superhero. At first, she may seem like just a girl in high school, but she is actually one of a long line of “Chosen Ones”: young girls who are chosen to rid the world of vampires and other evil ilk. They are ruthless in this charge: highly skilled, highly trained, and unyielding. Well, except Buffy fell in love with a vampire (or two). (And this is loooong before that whole Bella-Edward thing too… You can tell because of how 90s the promotional photos are.)

Buffy and Angel embracing. Very 90s.Love is eternal. Kind of.

Together with the help of her Watcher and her Scooby Gang, Buffy kicked butt on television for seven seasons, but the story continues in the form of graphic novels. The show has everything you could ever want for Halloween Season: vampires (of course), ghouls, zombies, and demons of all varieties. Then there’s the really scary stuff, like reliving high school and looking back on questionable fashion choices. If, after seven whole seasons, you still haven’t had enough, we have the eighth season as a motion comic, and Willis Library has the graphic novels available too. If you want, you can also go back and watch the original movie as well, with Kristy Swanson as a different Buffy, or you can, as most Buffy fans, ignore it. It’s not really part of the canon. Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie cover   Be sure to check out the specifically Halloween episodes (Season 2 Episode 6: “Halloween”, Season 4 Episode 4: “Fear, Itself”, and Season 6 Episode 6: “All the Way”) and watch for a post all about Halloween episodes from a bunch of different shows later this month!

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