Camp Crystal Lake. It sounds like a pleasant enough place. Clear waters. Fresh nature air. A nice campfire with some s’mores and ghost stories. But if you’re a camp counselor, please, for the love of all things, keep an eye on the flailing kid in the water who clearly can’t swim. His mom is going to be very very very upset. This film spawned a litter of sequels, a good/bad video game for the NES that had some top notch music, and an iconic villain who loves to “Ch, Ch, Ch, Ha, Ha, Ha” before they kill you. The Media Library has the original HERE and you can find the rest of the sequels on our catalog HERE.

One Response to “October Scare-a-Day: Friday the 13th DVD 11960”

  1. Beth Atkins

    Still can’t believe it, not a single nomination for Best Actor from this whole film.


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