Now THAT’S a tagline folks.

The Alien series, or as I like to call it,The Adventures of Fuzzy the Xenomorph, has been approached differently in each of its films with a varying degree of success. The first film, simply titled Alien, is an atmospheric smoldering film directed by Ridley Scott. Although I’m sure Bilbo Baggins, aka Ian Holm, begs to differ.

“Has anybody seen Sam Lowry? “

Aliens, the second film, does what the title suggests. You get James Cameron deploying a whole mess of xenomorphs and a lot of bullets with Bill Paxton doing Bill Paxton.

Don’t try this at home

The next two, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, are kind of a mess, but are made more interesting simply because David Fincher and Jean-Pierre Jeunet directed these films respectively. The Media Library has all 4 films as well as the weird Ridley Scott directed Prometheus.

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