Every Tuesday, UNT Media Library highlights a title from their growing collection of tabletop games. This week, read about: Tsuro box cover

Tsuro, Boardgame 313

Number of Players: 2-8
For Ages: 8+
Duration of Play: 20 minutes
  Tsuro is a short game in which players collaboratively create a board and competitively strive to keep their pieces on the table the longest.

From the publisher:

Create your own journey with Tsuro: The Game of the Path! Place a tile and slide your stone along the path created, but take care. Other players’ paths can lead you in the wrong direction—or off the board entirely! Paths will cross and connect, and the choices you make affect all the journeys across the board. Find your way wisely and be the last player left on the board to win! Stay the path–your journey begins here.

— Calliope games

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