Every Tuesday, UNT Media Library highlights a title from their growing collection of tabletop games. This week, read about: Hive box cover

Hive, Boardgame 233

Number of Players: 2
For Ages: 9+
Duration of Play: 20 minutes
  Hive is an addictive strategy game in which two players compete to block in the other player’s queen bee. The players have an arsenal of bugs, each with its own rules for movement – much like in chess. Think ahead, and watch out for spiders. (The spiders aren’t special to the game though. I just think they’re creepy.)

From the publisher:

A fantastic game for two, be the first player to surround your opponent’s Queen Bee using a team of assorted creatures. Because each creature has its own way of moving about the Hive, the game is sometimes called ‘nature chess’, yet simpler rules, no need for a board and an added dimension make it a far more flexible and accessible game that can be played anywhere. Simply great fun!

— Smart Zone

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