Today is your chance to show off your martial arts skills, dress up like a ninja, and enjoy some awesome Ninja movies! Because why not. There are over hundreds of ninja movies to choose from, but to help you guys out (because I’m nice), you can pick and choose from the media libraries collection bellow!  

The Anime

Ninja Scroll DVD 1824 If insanely ridiculous plots and kick-ass characters and demonic ninjas are your thing this is for you. 8scJ3Im6D4O2szT6cK2j868lXiV                               Wrath of The Ninja DVD 3213

The Jackie Chan & The Jet Li

Who doesn’t like the legendary kick ass actors of the 20th (mostly) century?   Rush Hour DVD 3362/Snake in the eagle’s shadow DVD 3192 MV5BMjAyMzAyNzY5N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjU3MTc0MQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_qnkpbxjk   Hero DVD 1647/ First of Legend DVD 1635


The Both of Them

And what could possibly go wrong with them together? The Forbidden Kingdom DVD 10712  

The Other Ones

Beverly Hills Ninja DVD 3203 This is one of those films where one picture can pretty much sum it up: hills-ready TMNT DVD 10986                                                                           Kung Fu Panda DVD 9481 You know the drill, Pizza, Kick Butt, Repeat.                                   I just really want to hug a panda, ok? 405644479_dc91b30cd6MOV_1fa5d05d_b

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