In case you didn’t know yet, all UNT faculty and students can now check out our board games, card games, dice games, etc. outside of the library! We have over 400 different types of games, and a lot of super awesome ones. See our online catalog or come visit us to find out if we’ve got any game you’re dying to play! And if you’re not really sure what’ll peak your interest, we’ve got the perfect list right here that combines games with some of our favorite movies/TV series.

Adventure Time Card Wars

Boardgame 218 It’s a game that doesn’t take itself very seriously, but I mean what can you expect from a game within the world of Adventure Time? The goal of the game is to break through your opponents creatures and attack them directly, and depending on how intense you wanna play, there can be some pretty cool underlying strategy. Each Adventure Time character involved has a deck that represents a different landscape and a different play style.

The Big Bang Theory

big bang Boardgame 349 This is pretty much a variation on Apples to Apples themed around the The Big Band Theory. It’s a pretty fun variation though, with “Bazinga” cards, “Experimental Formula” cards, and plenty of awkward references just like the show. If you like to party with a bunch a people and love the show, this one’s for you.

Lord of the Rings

200_s The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Boardgame 361 The-Lord-of-the-Rings-The-Card-Game-Components Each of the players takes on the role of one of the hobbits, the object being to destroy the ring before the ring bearer becomes captured by Sauron. It has a very cooperative nature to it, where you have to determine how quickly to complete tasks based on the ultimate goal and how that will affect all players.     lotr   LOTR DBG: Fellowship of the ring Boardgame 281 So with these type of game, one hopes that it’s not just a brand slapped on a few cards and a pieces of cardboard. That’s definitely not LOTR DBG. This game relies on power points, is engaging, and plus you get a bunch of different options to replay with different characters!

Game of Thrones


Boardgame 175 Strategy board game for 3-6 players. Think Risk but hella better. Each player controls a House trying to dominate the land of Westeros. Box says it takes 2-4 hours, but it’s not about slow planning but deception, even politics, and feeling like you’re doing kinda cruel things, like the books!   Besides these awesome games, we’ve also got a bunch more ranging from checkers to DC comic to life size chess to Exploding Kittens (yes… that’s a game). Let’s get our game on! PicsArt_1458744142177   Posted by Student Special Projects Assistant Valarie Gold.

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