Let’s be honest: we all study with something on in the background. Is that less productive? Maybe, but I know I’m more motivated to crack open the books when it means turning on the television, too. In order to make the most out of your background noise, here are some films to get you pumped up and ready to ace those exams. Mad Max: Fury Road DVD 16556 Kill Bill DVD 16227 Jurassic Park: All Four of Them DVD 16785, DVD 16786, DVD 16787, DVD 16578 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation DVD 16715 Or, if you’d rather binge a new television show, here are a few action-packed shows to consider! Agent Carter DVD 16721 The Fall DVD 15653 Orphan Black DVD 15692 Good luck with your finals, and happy studying! By Katie Romig Media Library Student Assistant Supervisor

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