The 69th, 2016 Cannes Film Festival has come and gone and, many international films are making headway and gaining attention in the United States. One of the films, Mustang (DVD 16948/16949) directorial debut of Turkish-French female director Denize Gamze Erguven, has been gaining attention of the masses.   Mustang’ s story focuses on five sisters, all under the age of 15, and the lives that is thrust upon them when their conservative Uncle and Grandmother lock them in doors and begin their lessons to become obedient and supportive wives. Though dealing with a serious issue, Erguven is able to bring some light to the serious issue that women and girls must deal with in Turkey: regarded as a sex symbol, forced into marriages with an extreme age gap, and considered not pure when benefactors takes advantage of their situations and abuse these girls. She is able to do this by telling the story through the perspective of the youngest daughter, Lale. Watching her sisters be married off, Lale is able to grow and take control of the situation, in a way, as she finds the courage to stand up to her conservative and oppressive and abusive guardians. The film also gives a in-depth look at each sister and how they deal with pressure, isolation and being voiceless in a household. If you don’t wish to watch a foreign film, one film that is close in comparison is Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides (DVD 323). Both films deal with the complex environments of girls who live under scrutiny of conservative parents/guardians who believe to find fault and wickedness within the girls.   Check out Mustang and The Virgin Suicides at the Media Library, located in Chilton Hall.   Student Assistant Supervisor Caitlin¬†Antkowski

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