So for some amazing reason the Media Library has quite an abundance of Korean TV series. This stuff is pretty amazing, they’re like telenovelas (Makjang!!) but usually with really nice cinematography. Below is our list of Korean TV dramas, but we also have even more Korean movies so if that’s your thing click this link: South Korean Feature Films Goong = Princess Hours GoongCast Princess Hours is a Korean Drama based off of a Korean Manhwa, or South Korean Comic series, of the same name. It’s set in a world where Korea has an imperialistic royal family, who deal with their various Shakespearean-esque drama, scandals, and traditions. The show hit it’s peak in stardom in 2006 receiving multiple awards and huge popularity. It was later adapted into a musical, along with a spin-off series and a remake version in Thailand. Queen & I queen-in-hyun-s-man-korean-dramas-32442466-1920-1080-1 Queen & I or Queen In-hyun’s Man is about a couple who meet in unusual circumstances. One is a up-and-coming actress and the other is a scholar from 300 years ago who’s time traveled into modern day Korea. Fun fact, the actors that portray these characters wind up falling for each other in real life, and declare romance after the last episode’s broadcast. Aww. Flower boys next door Flower boys next door is a romantic comedy about a young woman who never ventures outside her apartment but finds herself obsessed with a boy next door to her. When someone finds out about her, she finds herself slowly opening up to the world outside and the boys next door. The Master’s Sun If you just watched the trailer, don’t worry, it’s not that scary. But The Master’s Sun is unique in that it’s a horror-drama. Kong-Sil was once involved in an accident, leading to her ability to see ghosts. Because of this she lives a timid life, until she meets Joong-Won, who makes the ghosts disappear whenever he’s touching Kong-Sil. I can hear your voice I-hear-your-voice-korean-dramas-35264391-1920-1080 A legal drama about a couple of lawyers and a high school student who has the ability to read people’s thoughts. Reply 1997 Probably one of the most popular out of our collection, Reply 1997 is about 6 adults meeting at a high school reunion and reminiscing of their past high school life, which happened to be in the 90s when K-pop emerged as a massive franchise. You’re Beautiful e3370c0cc0b947c24b7a9c8d7622dd12 A 2009 South Korean musical romantic comedy drama series, You’re Beautiful is about a fictional band called A.N.JELL, who’s newest member is actually a girl disguised as her twin brother (!!!). My Lovely Sam-Soon my-name-is-kim-sam-soon-korean-dramas-3300915-1024-768 Based on an internet novel with the same name, My Lovely Sam-Soon stars Kim Sam-soon, a young pastry maker. The story involves her beginning work at a French Pastry store, only to become involved in a contracted scheme where she pretends to be her boss’s girlfriend for financial reasons. I’d watch it for the occasional pastry.

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