Hey guys this week the United States will be celebrating another year of independence!


In case fireworks and hotdogs arn’t your thing, or maybe you love both of those but don’t feel like leaving your couch, below is a compilation of our most popular and our most American movies!

  (Click on the image to see their availability)
dvd506 dvd2605 dvd1291 dvd128 dvd8756
dvd6123 dvd12461 dvd1309 dvd443 dvd589
dvd4862 dvd935 dvd5729 dvd346 dvd3264
dvd3621 DVD16225 dvd2465 dvd3987 dvd6527
What do you think of our list? Would you lose some? Add some? Either way this time of the year calls for a little patriotism, even if that just means watching some very American movies.  

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