This is quite literally just a list of movies we have at the Media Library with cats.

Yes. I know. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

1) Oliver & Company DVD 3944

That soundtrack tho.

2) The adventures of Milo & Otis DVD 3854

Okay in case you didn’t know this movie is well known for it’s adorable-ness and also the fact that it is accounted for multiple animal cruelty acts, leading to the death of over 20 cats. So… really this is on the list as a PSA.

3) Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey DVD 3899

Sassy is the epitome of exactly that:

4) That Darn Cat! DVD 5002

If you enjoy seeing people being outsmarted by a cat (pfft always) then this one’s for you.

5) Cats DVD 7970

Right, they’re not actually cats but you’re not truly a cat fan until you’ve memorized the opening Jellicle Cats song of this musical.

6) Miss Minoes DVD 13809

A cat that turns into a lady and does cute funny cat things. It’s adorable.

8) Harry and Tonto DVD 12770

A classic. If anything watch it in amazement at how cooperative Tonto is.

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