Check out some of our newest video games, board games, and movies at the media library. No better time than the fall (and right before finals) to chill and relax with our cool brand new stuff!

Video Games

Title Call Number
XCOM 2 PS4 718
Recore Xbox One 720
Bravely second: end layer 3DS 721
Forza horizon, 3 Xbox One 719
The king of fighters XIV PS4 714
NBA 2K17 PS4 717
No man’s sky PS4 715


Title Call Number
Zootopia DVD 17109 (Blu-ray 17108)
Chi-raq DVD 17093
Goosebumps DVD 17036
The Mermaid DVD 17078
Captain America, Civil War DVD 17076
The Walking dead seasons 1-5 DVD 17014, 16438, 16402, 14742, 13326
Reign Seasons 1-2 DVD 17015, 17016
The vvitch DVD 17038

Board games

Title Call Number
Qubosity: name it & claim it Boardgame 481
Celebrity Name Game Boardgame 480
Killer snails: assassins of the sea Boardgame 478
Covalence: a molecule building game Boardgame 477
Zombie dice Boardgame 471
Tiny Epic Western Boardgame 470

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