Looking for crime movies that can either make you laugh or mess with your mind? Then here is a selection of movies from the Media Library that you can check out!


Ladrón que Roba a Ladrón – DVD 8425 Two professional thieves that are planning to rob multimillionaire, Moctesuma, who has become rich by selling false hope to immigrants in America, are making an intricate plan to steal and help to those Moctesuma has stolen from.








Spy – DVD 16931 In this comedic movie, Susan witnesses the assassination of her platonic love, Bradley, Susan decides to go undercover to find the killer and put them behind bars and finds herself confused to who Bradley really was and worked for.









 Taxi – DVD 15470 When Andy, a police officer, gets his badge removed and fired for failing to complete his mission in capturing bank robbers he then decides to prove his coworkers wrong deciding to capture the robbers with the help of Belle, a new taxi driver in New York City. But making things difficult along the way in trying to work together with their opposite and funny personalities.







Inception – DVD 12260 The ability to enter people’s dreams is a skill that Dom has and uses to his advantage to steal secrets from people’s subconscious while sleeping, but has cost him to lose his family. However, Dom is now faced with a difficult task to implant an idea in someone’s dream to achieve the perfect crime, but if he fails then Dom and his accompanies will remain asleep forever.





Post by Student Supervisor Estela Molina

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