This week, humankind celebrates with Katie Bouman and her team as we get our first look at a black hole. Our first look into the dark abyss was heralded in media over the last century. Join the rest of humanity with a look into how we have perceived these massive gravity sinks through the lenses of film and games!

The Black Hole – DVD 4002

  • While exploring the galaxy, the USS Palomino encounters a black hole and an orbiting ghost ship, the USS Cygnus. While investigating, the Palomino is damaged, and they must dock with the Cygnus to make their repairs. What the find on board quickly answers what happened to their fateful crew.

Monster of the Milky Way – DVD 15150

  • In the center of our galaxy sits one of the most destructive objects in the universe. It’s gravitational pull serves as the very force holding our galaxy together. The black hole that binds the Milky Way together remains one of the greatest secret keepers known to science. Journey with a group of astronomers as they seek evidence that could answer many of the most pressing questions in physics today.

The Theory of Everything – DVD 16024

  • When studying black holes, it is difficult to do so without referencing the work of Stephen Hawking. Journey alongside the brilliant mind that inspired most astrophysicists today with this biopic. From falling in love, to his fateful diagnosis, this journey will inspire as much as it tugs at the heartstrings.

Interstellar – DVD 16162

  • With our time on Earth coming to an end, a team of explorers undertakes the most important mission in human history; traveling beyond this galaxy to discover whether mankind has a future among the stars.

Event Horizon – DVD 10735

  • Many years ago, we sent out a high tech pioneering spacecraft, but it disappeared without a trace. It has recently reappeared, and a team is dispatched to investigate the ship. However, something sinister resides upon the ship. What befell the Event Horizon on its voyage?

Eons – Boardgame 342

  • The universe is a massive place, filled with stars, planets, and matter scattered through the vastness of eternity. Over millennia, it spreads further and entropy disperses. Play the hand of a being so powerful, it sees the building blocks of the universe as clay, and planets and stars as marbles. Create, combine, and destroy galaxies as you compete against other beings like yourself. Will your planets develop life, or will an interstellar event turn your largest star into a black hole, decimating everything you built?

Twilight Imperium – Boardgame 606

  • The galactic council has been dissolved, and the Lazax have been scattered through the galaxy. With no unifying force holding the different sentient races together, each falls to their own desire for supremacy. Lead the Xxcha to political power, or dominate trade with the Hacan. Can you cease Mecatol Rex, or will your ships be caught in the gravitational tides of a black hole?

Chaosmos – Boardgame 283

  • For billions of years, the universe expanded; however, the gravitational force of all of the matter in the universe was too great to allow expansion to go on forever. For billions of years afterwards, matter has been collapsing back into a singular place, the very spot where the universe was born. But there is hope. The Ovoid is an object of immense power. It cannot save you, but it can give you control of how the next universe will form. Can you be the one holding the Ovoid when the universe finally crunches back in upon itself into a singularly massive black hole?

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