October Scare-a-Day: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1-5 DVD 2875-2879; Season 6 DVD 3146; Season 7 DVD 4115; Season 8 DVD 14808 (& DVD 14807 on Blu-Ray)

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What’s scarier than the amount of Buffy the Vampire Slayer we have in our collection is the titular vampire slayer herself. “I’m the thing that monsters have nightmares about.” Who is this Buffy anyway? And why is she so scary? “I’m like a superhero or something.” Buffy is like a superhero. At first, she may… Read more »

October Scare-A-Day: An American Werewolf in London DVD 4870

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Your pulse starts racing. Your body heats up. It feels like you’re about to burst into flames. Your bones twist and crack and stretch painfully. Fur sprouts painfully from your skin from head to toe. What’s that noise? It’s a piercing howl… and it’s coming from you! You are… a werewolf!   That’s what happens… Read more »

Tabletop Spotlight: The Settlers of Catan Boardgame 14

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Every Tuesday, UNT Media Library highlights a title from their growing collection of tabletop games. This week, read about: The Settlers of Catan, Boardgame 14 Number of Players: 3-4 For Ages: 10+ Duration of Play: 45-90 minutes In The Settlers of Catan (also “Settlers” or “Catan”), the first player to 10 victory points wins. It’s… Read more »