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Written By: Raul Gonzalez

There is a common theme among academic libraries, which is to adapt, develop, and maintain. Whether it is a new policy or technology, libraries aim to mold new tools into services for their patrons. Original items are becoming digitized, libraries are reaching farther than their walls, and cutting-edge technologies compose the growing makerspaces in many libraries. But let’s dial back to a web tool most of us know, which are blogs.

Although blogs are not new within UNT Libraries, Scholar Speak is a fresh initiative as a student-to-student scholarly blog.
We hope to use Scholar Speak as a medium to bridge the gap between students, patrons, and their library. This means we will discuss topics and events related to UNT Libraries, as well as inform readers of scholarly tools and insights as they pursue their academic career. To further close this gap, we hope to create a collaborative space, where we hear back from our readers and bring conversation to these topics.

But who are “we”? Scholar Speak is primarily run by the Graduate Services Assistants (GSAs) at UNT Willis Library. We are an extension of Access Services but also an extension of students, like yourself. As of Spring 2019, we are Raul, Janelle, Angela, Anima, Hui-Yu, and Oluwaseyitan. In the near future, we hope to extend our cast of authors by including various voices from UNT Libraries staff and librarians.

As Scholar Speak gains traction, we hope to bring you content that is consistent, interesting, informational, and above all, helpful. One of our missions with Scholar Speak is to highlight resources within UNT Libraries and provide insight on how to access and utilize these items. We look forward to the conversations and ideas our discussions may prompt, and we hope you will be a part of it too.

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