November 11 is Veterans Day

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On November 11 we honor the many selfless men and women who have risked and often sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Here are some ways you can show your appreciation for their service. Presidential Proclamation Read the Presidential Proclamation announcing Veterans Day 2014. National Veterans Day Ceremony The National Veterans Day Ceremony occurs each… Read more »

A Halloween Playlist from the National Jukebox

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The Library of Congress, in cooperation with Sony Music, has made available to the public a vast collection of historical recordings—the largest ever made publicly available online. On May 10, 2011 they officially launched the National Jukebox, a Web site that provides public access to over 10,000 recordings made between 1901 and 1925 by the… Read more »

Celebrate Constitution Day at UNT

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During the hot, muggy summer of 1787, a Grand Convention was called together at the Pennsylvania State House (now called Independence Hall) in Philadelphia for the purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation, which had proved a highly unsatisfactory document for holding the United States together during the first 13 years of the young nation’s… Read more »

Thank a Teacher Today

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The first week in May is traditionally celebrated in the United States as Teacher Appreciation Week. Today is National Teacher Day, also known as National Teacher Appreciation Day. Join millions of students and former students across the country and take this opportunity to show our teachers how important they are in our lives. The National… Read more »

Celebrating Seventy Years of Smokey Bear

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Smokey Bear will be turning 70 this August, but birthday celebrations are already underway. Smokey’s Cascade Campout, an annual national convention sponsored by the Smokey Bear Association and the Des Chutes Historical Museum, took place in Bend, Oregon on April 23 through 25. Although the UNT Government Documents Department members did not attend the 2014… Read more »

Your Other Mother’s Day

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In April of 1970 the first Earth Day, a project conceived by Senator Gaylord Nelson and coordinated by Harvard University student Denis Hayes, sparked a grassroots environmental movement that has continued unabated to this day. Every April 22 citizens of over 190 countries throughout the world now take the opportunity to honor Mother Earth and… Read more »

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh! Celebrate Irish-American Culture Today and Throughout the Month of March

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Every year since 1991, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation declaring the month of March to be Irish-American Heritage Month, honoring the contributions of Irish immigrants and their descendants to American life and culture. Here are just a few government publications to help you celebrate Irish-American culture today and throughout the… Read more »

Spring Forward During Spring Break This Sunday

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This Sunday, March 9, most of the population of the United States will perform the annual chore of setting their time-keeping devices forward by one hour, as we enter the seemingly ever-lengthening portion of the year referred to as Daylight Saving Time—surely an ironic term for the many students who will lose one precious hour… Read more »

Plucking the Goose: The Taxman Cometh

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The office of the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue was established in 1862, and in 1913 a personal income tax was authorized by the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The mission of the Internal Revenue Service, according to the U.S. Government Manual, is “to collect the proper amount of tax revenue,… Read more »