tail-feathers Every year, the UNT Libraries are graced with numerous patrons and donors that drive our work in supporting the student community in more ways than we can count. Bi-weekly, here on Contribution Corner, we will acknowledge one patron by exploring a donated game or movie they have given. This week, our game of choice is Tail Feathers from Plaid Hat Games. Shadows whisper deep within the oaken roots of Nestlebrook. Wizards scry black wings from pinpoint drops of water. Silence scouts from the edges of Meanderfield. All voices ring with the same message, the Downwood Militia must take arm. Tail Feathers takes place in the same world as the Plaid Hat hit Mice and Mystics. In this game, our mousy friends take wing, riding their starling and blue jay mounts, to fight the invading rat army and their allied rooks. Unlike Mice and Mystics, which takes the form of a story driven co-op dungeon crawl RPG, Tail Feathers instead looks at tactical combat and incorporates an interesting flight mechanic into a skirmish battle game. Balancing speed and maneuverability as you manage your flying units, and disrupting this balance through tactical placement of ground forces is key. Combined, this new take on flight movement with incomplete information mission options creates deep strategic gameplay and interesting player interaction. Using familiar themes, characters, abilities, and components from Mice and Mystics, this game quite successfully integrates one genre into another. We had an absolute blast playing this game. Each scenario from the provided scenario book created unique choices in how each player approached the game. Early on, our Downwood Militia player took some hard hits, allowing for the Vermin Raiders to obtain a bit of an edge. The added benefits of each game was minor though, and by scenario 3 the Downwood Militia gained a win through superior mission usage and action card selection. The final game was a tough one that lasted a bit longer than the estimated 60-90 minute time frame. Meticulous decisions were made, but in the end, the Downwood Militia was victorious. In all, we would highly suggest Tail Feathers as a strong selection for a competitive two player game! We would like to thank Plaid Hat Games for this great donation. If you would like to give Tail Feathers a try, or another selection from Plaid Hat Games, they are available for check out here, at the UNT Media Library.

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