Looking for something new to watch? Check out what we have just added to our collection, here at the UNT Media Library!


Titles Call Number
The power of nightmares. DVD 17914R
Gate of hell  DVD 17915
Wu ya yu ma que = Crow and sparrow  DVD 17916R
The reflecting skin  DVD 17917
VHS massacre  DVD 17918 Blu-ray
Addiction. Disc one  DVD 17919 v.1
Addiction. Disc two  DVD 17919 v.2
Addiction. Disc three  DVD 17919 v.3
Addiction. Disc four  DVD 17919 v.4
Whiskey  DVD 17920R
Distilleries  DVD 17921R
George Washington Carver tech  DVD 17922
Brewing  DVD 17923R
Brewed in America  DVD 17924
Wine  DVD 17925R
A brief history of wine  DVD 17926R
Rumrunners, moonshiners and bootleggers  DVD 17927R
Distilleries 2  DVD 17928R
Alcoholism in America  DVD 17929R
Save our history. George Washington’s workshop  DVD 17930R
Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri  DVD 17931
The Florida project  DVD 17932
Roman J. Israel, Esq.  DVD 17934
Darkest hour  DVD 17935
Lady Bird  DVD 17936
Coco  DVD 17937
Wonder  DVD 17938
I, Tonya  DVD 17939
Loving Vincent  DVD 17941
Abacus : small enough to jail  DVD 17942
Call me by your name  DVD 17943
The square  DVD 17945
Marshall  DVD 17946
Victoria & Abdul  DVD 17947
The breadwinner  DVD 17948
Guardians of the galaxy. Vol. 2  DVD 17949 Blu-ray
Guardians of the galaxy. Vol. 2  DVD 17950
Ferdinand  DVD 17951
Ferdinand  DVD 17951
The shape of water  DVD 17952
Terre sans pain  DVD 17953
Life in a day  DVD 17954
Chronicle of a Summer (Paris 1960)  DVD 17955
Bending the arc  DVD 17956
Revolting rhymes  DVD 17957
UnSlut : a documentary film  DVD 17958R
Dragon Ball FighterZ. Game 838 PS4
Dragon Ball FighterZ. Game 838 Xbox One
Monster Hunter. World. Game 839 PS4
The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter MER 34592
The Beer hunter. Volume 1. California pilgrimage   The Best of Britain  MV 15135 v.1
The Beer hunter. Volume 2. The Bohemian connection   Germany, the fifth element  MV 15135 v.2
The Beer hunter. Volume 3. Holland, our daily beer   The Burgundies of Belgium  MV 15135 v.3
Dewar’s training & tasting video. MV 15136
CHRIE’s HOSTEUR network-Alexus ProRegistry. MV 15137
Let us run the fun! : RR & TM, Resort Recreation & Tennis Management. MV 15138
Introduction to entrepreneurship : building the dream. Lesson 12, The business plan and beyond  MV 15139
Enjoying wine with Paul Gillette  MV 15140
A journey of discovery : tasting the classic malts with Michael Jackson. MV 15141
Tequila tasting seminar : video   MV 15142
Mexican Baja : fishing Los Cabos & Baja California Sur  MV 15143
The Budweiser brewing process  MV 15144
Hospitality introduced : a video to accompany Introduction to hospitality by John Walker. MV 15145
Maker’s mark : whiskey in the breeze MV 15146
To your health  MV 15147
The secret of Ketel One vodka  MV 15148
You haven’t lived until you’ve cruised  MV 15149
Vintage : a history of wine. Volume I, programs 1, 2, 3, 4  MV 15150 v.1
Vintage : a history of wine. Volume II, programs 5, 6, 7  MV 15150 v.2
Vintage : a history of wine. Volume III, programs 8, 9, 10  MV 15150 v.3
Vintage : a history of wine. Volume IV, programs 11, 12, 13  MV 15150 v.4
Sip, smoke and swirl : Hennessy’s guide to cigar events  MV 15151
Bartending – the course. MV 15152
Australia : discover it. MV 15153
Effective small business management : Entrepreneurship and new venture creation  MV 15154

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