Obligatory V-Day Blog

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Valentine’s Day seems like one of those days you either completely ignore or embrace only with that special other, but I mean, why? Remember back in elementary days when everyone gave everyone a special treat? Valentine’s day can be more than a day about romantic relationships. What about simply appreciating those we care about (chocolate,… Read more »

Ninja Movies for the Soul

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Today is your chance to show off your martial arts skills, dress up like a ninja, and enjoy some awesome Ninja movies! Because why not. There are over hundreds of ninja movies to choose from, but to help you guys out (because I’m nice), you can pick and choose from the media libraries collection bellow!  … Read more »

National Play Monopoly Day!

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  Love it or hate it, Monopoly is hands down one of the most iconic board games in existence. This elaborate, often long, game of taking ownership and buying as much as you can was very much a reflection of actual monopolizing in the society it was created in.       Monopoly is commonly… Read more »